Accommodation and Crisis

Accommodation and Crisis

Emerge support starts when women and children are in crisis, helping them flee violence, through to making sure they are safely housed and fully supported within the community.

The reality is that the minute women and children escape family violence, they are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Emerge has several housing programs in place to keep women and children safe and housed.

Refuge accommodation

Emerge has a high security refuge where women and children can stay when fleeing family violence.

If you urgently need accommodation, please contact Safe Steps on 1800 015 188.

Crisis properties 

Crisis accommodation is an important final step for the women and children leaving refuge to integrate into the community and be supported while seeking other housing.

We have several crisis houses for women and children who are leaving refuge and need short term accommodation and our families are fully supported by our outreach services while in these properties.

Transitional housing

Transitional housing provides a longer stay option to crisis accommodation and is often the first step back out into the community for our families.

Emerge has the rights to nine transitional properties for women and children to live after they seek refuge. These houses assist women and children in building links within the local community and provide access to other support services.

These houses are a crucial step in the path to recovery for women and their children, giving them the option to safe housing if they are not yet ready to live independently.

real estate agents and housing services

Emerge works with local real estate agents and housing services to help women and children find housing and keep them safe to help combat the homelessness that is so often experienced by women and children escaping family violence.

We have a corporate partnership with Marco Polo Property which is donating a percentage of each new townhouse built to Emerge. 

Our new refuge

Emerge has been chosen by the Victorian Government to be among the few family violence refuges offering 24/7 support for women and children.

The new Emerge refuge is currently under construction. It will include state of the art one, two and three bedroom units with disability access. There will be common areas, including a communal kitchen, living room as well as a support hub for women in outreach. The gardens will be properly landscaped together with a children’s playground, offering increased support and security for women and children.

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