Emerge offers an extensive outreach program for women or women and children experiencing or escaping family violence.

Emerge is the only high security refuge service in Victoria that offers specialised outreach programs that provide support for women and children who are experiencing or have survived family violence.

The programs are for women and children who are either living in our crisis accommodation, at home or in the community. Our case workers support women by linking them into local services within the community, as well as with safety planning and helping them to find housing. We work with them until their goals and needs are met and they are on the path to recovery.

Our outreach programs include:

Safety planning

Emerge works closely with women and children in all aspects of safety planning.

When Emerge creates a safety plan we work comprehensively with women and/or children to put in place steps and procedures to help ensure their safety. Every woman and child receive individual safety plans.

Please go to our safety plan page, which can be translated into many different languages for more Information and what to do if you feel unsafe.

Working with children

At Emerge we ensure the needs of the child is equal to the needs of the mother and recognise that by addressing the needs of the child when they enter refuge with their mother they can begin the healing process.

Our dedicated child care manager works closely with children who have experienced family violence. The emphasis of these programs is to ensure every child and infant are given the chance to thrive.

Emerge works with local schools, family therapists and other services to ensure the child is safe and has access to the services and supports they need to best aid their recovery.

Family violence education and community awareness

Community education is vital to the understanding of the causes and prevention of family violence.

You can invite us to speak at your local school, community group, service or council, by emailing us on mail@emergesupport.org.au

Experiencing family violence? Click below to make a plan that works for you.

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