Arts Therapy

Arts Therapy

Arts therapy is much more than painting. It provides a way for women and children to explore their concerns, hopes, and build self-esteem.

Our ‘Arts For Change’ programs are essential in assisting women and children ‘emerge’ from the trauma of surviving family violence and help them to begin building self-confidence and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Arts therapy is a safe and non-confronting approach, helping women and children recover from the traumatic impacts of family violence. It provides a way for women and children to explore their concerns, hopes, and build self-esteem through the creative process.

Emerge has been providing arts therapy for women and children for ten years. During this time the number of different programs we offer has grown to cater for the needs of the women and children who are supported through our services.

Our programs are for women and children who have survived or are experiencing family violence and include:

Individual Arts Therapy where our art therapist creates a safe space for a woman or child to come to process their past trauma, using music, painting and other art forms.

Women Thriving is a group arts therapy program for women who have experienced family violence. It is focused on helping the women to overcome their trauma by using different forms of creative arts to aid in healing, finding new strength and nurturing self-esteem.

Open Studio is an after-school arts therapy program that is run weekly every Tuesday afternoon in the Kingston Council area. Classes are open to all school children, aged four to 12, who have experienced family violence. The program provides the opportunity for children who are having difficulties with their emotions, behaviour and learning to take part in a positive therapeutic process through creative arts and talking with the art therapist.

Peek-A-Boo™ is an early intervention, mental health program for infants (aged 0 – 3 yrs) who have experienced family violence. Peek-A-Boo Club™ is an infant led approach incorporating arts therapy that focuses on the relationship between the mother and the infant and provides a safe space for women and their children to deal with the trauma of family violence. Emerge have been offering this program since 2013.

Mother and Infant Therapy offers individual arts therapy for mothers and their young children. It is a continuation of our pioneering Peek-A-Boo™ program and takes a medium to long term approach.

Little Sparkz is an arts therapy program run over three days in school holidays in the Kingston Council area. This school holiday program is for primary school age children (aged six to 12) who have experienced family violence. Little Sparkz is fun, creative and interactive providing children with a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings in a way that can help them build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

Make Your Mark is an early intervention arts therapy program that provides a safe space for children aged four to seven years to have fun using creative arts. The facilitators work with children to help build their self-esteem, social skills and emotional resilience. The program assists children in preparing for school, giving them the chance to voice and express their thoughts and feelings, helping them to move forward with their learning and education and experience a positive and healthy life.

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