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Giving to make children smile

November 26, 2021

Emerge supporters are being asked to give toys and vouchers to help make this festive season a special one for every child the organisation supports.

Paula Westhead, Executive Officer, said: “With your help we want to make this festive season one of the most memorable. This last year has been so difficult for everyone that we are hoping to deliver a day where mums can watch their kids smile and laugh.”

She said this year’s festive appeal focuses on children of all ages who are living in our accommodation or are supported through our outreach programs.

“We are hoping you can either donate vouchers or buy new toys that we can gift to mums to give to their children. Your gift will mean mums will have one less thing to worry about, and won’t also have to make the choice between buying food or presents,” she said.

Emerge encourages all vouchers and toys to be dropped in at the office by 10 December to allow time for delivery in time for Christmas. Please ring us on 8657 8622 for the address.

Emerge has made suggestions for toys to give different age groups. They are also asking people not to wrap gifts so that staff and volunteers can allocate the presents appropriately.

The suggestions are:

Baby to 24 months – five children in all

Cuddly toys

Picture books


Activity rugs

Kids gift cards – Australia Post or Coles Myer


Two to four year olds – 26 children in all

Picture books


Crayons and activity books

Cooking play sets

Building blocks

Child bikes

Kids gift cards – Australia Post or Coles Myer


Five to 7 year olds – 26 children in all

Simple board games

Crayola/ arts/ craft/ painting kits

Simple jigsaws


Sticker sets

Child bikes

Kids gift cards – Australia Post or Coles Myer


Eight to 12 year olds – 41 children in all


Art and craft supplies

Sports equipment – football, basketball and hoop

Child bikes

Kids gift cards – Australia Post or Coles Myer


Adults gift cards

Coles Myer or Westfield

Donations are also welcomed by giving online



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