Financial Counselling

Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is crucial to tackling family violence.

Economic abuse is a form of family violence that ultimately aims to deprive a person of their independence.

Many women coming to Emerge have been prevented from accessing their own bank accounts, their personal property has been secretly pawned off, and often they have debts/fines or credit cards taken out in their name that they are not aware of.

Through philanthropic funding, Emerge is able to employ a financial counsellor who assists women to gain control of their finances, and to eliminate debts that have incurred as a result of family violence.

Crucial to the success of our program is having a dedicated financial counsellor who is trusted by the vulnerable women she sees, and her ability to remove the layer of stress and anxiety they are experiencing.

The program has been running since January 2017. We have been able to work with hundreds of women who are part of our outreach program, those living in our refuge and crisis accommodation and women who have been referred to us. The majority of these women’s cases are complex, requiring advocacy and casework.

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