Your chance to bring Christmas cheer to mums and their children

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Your chance to bring Christmas cheer to mums and their children

November 6, 2019

Imagine Christmas celebrations without presents, food or entertainment?

We couldn’t which is why we are calling for donations to support a festive party for all the women and children who use our services.

“Christmas and end of year celebrations for many families who have escaped violence is an upsetting time regardless of the background you have come from. What we try to do is bring some cheer into their lives,” Jessica Woller, Manager of Integrated Family Services, said.

For many of the children who are with us at Christmas, it is important that they experience some happiness and joy at this time of the year. Many children supported by Emerge have never had the opportunity to experience a happy Christmas at home, due to the fear of violence and abuse.

“With your support, we will buy presents for each child and their mum, bring in entertainment, and provide food for the many different cultures our women and children come from,” she added.

Jessica said that in keeping with the many nationalities of women supported through Emerge, a new initiative would be to provide a food hamper for each family as well.

“Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so we make sure we are respectful of other faiths, and we would like to provide a hamper filled with culturally appropriate goodies for our families,” she said.

Supporters wishing to contribute to the festive party in any way should contact the office on

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