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Women counselling women

November 6, 2019

Experiencing family violence is a frightening and intensely lonely experience, rarely discussed with friends and often bottled up for many years.

This July, Emerge began its Women’s Counselling Service thanks to a student placement through Swinburne University, to support women with these experiences.

Jane P, who oversees the program at Emerge, said: “We have had a long history of providing individual counselling to women in refuge. We saw an opportunity to expand the service to women in the community who had experienced family violence and were looking for extra support in their recovery.”

She has been supervising Danielle, a Masters of Counselling student at Swinburne University, to introduce the program and said that the response so far was encouraging.  They both anticipated the service would continue to grow as more women in need learn about it.

“The service is available, and is free, for any woman who is ready to engage in one-on-one counselling to help them heal after family violence. For many women, this can take time especially if they have been in ‘crisis mode’ for an extended period of time,” Jane said.

Women accessing the service come to see a counsellor for many different reasons, but the experiences of intense isolation, grief and loss, as well as poor self-esteem are common themes explored.

For more information call Jane P at Emerge on 8657 8622.


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