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When you need security, call Bayden

September 14, 2020

It goes without saying that security is a vital component in keeping women and children safe.

Which is why Emerge has always called on Global Zone, an IT-based company that designs and installs security, alarm systems and access control, to help them out.

The 30-year old company is all about providing solutions, and for director Bayden Farmer, working with Emerge is about providing with the safest solutions available.

Bayden has been volunteering with Emerge for the past year, making sure that the technology is tailored to the intricate needs, overseeing the installation, and then checking to iron out glitches.

“Security is a specialist field, and what we do is go a step further to provide a personalised system which keeps everyone safe,” Bayden said.

“If you don’t feel safe, then you won’t feel confident.”

His company is currently installing a security and access control system across Emerge’s office as well as taking care of the building’s emergency evacuation lighting and signs.

“Our final project will be to install an intercom and IP Cameras system for the site,” Bayden said.

He has been inspired by the organisation and the staff while volunteering, and especially their work through the pandemic.

“It has been rewarding to work alongside a strong and capable team, learning much more than I probably offer,” he said.

“Each day is different for them, they deal with the minutiae like making sure there are enough nappies for the babies and toddlers living in the refuge, to running intense and emotionally draining counselling sessions for women with a litany of complex issues to set out, and dealing with the red tape and ever-changing government directions.”

“The ability to offer that support, run the organization, and still be a role model to those around you is no easy feat for any human,” Bayden said.

He admits to being a novice when it came to understanding family violence before he started volunteering at Emerge. He was aware it existed but had no idea about the extent of the problem or what it even really meant.

“From inspecting a few of the sites and designing systems for them, you can see that there is no one size fits all solution or a stereotype of who would need these services. That has been eye-opening.”

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