Victorian budget commits to ongoing investment to address family violence

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Victorian budget commits to ongoing investment to address family violence

June 19, 2021

Emerge has welcomed the ongoing commitment from the Victorian government to address family violence.

The Victorian State Budget set aside an overall investment of $354 million in the most recent budget.

Paula Westhead, Executive Officer of Emerge, said that the organisation especially welcomed the budget’s additional funding for support services for survivors of $49 million over four years.

“We are also pleased to see money go into family violence early intervention and responses to children and young people impacted by family violence,” Paula said.

“Much of our work is focused on children through our arts therapy program as a way of supporting children through their trauma and reconnecting with their mothers and siblings.”

She said that the state-wide expansion of therapeutic services for adolescents who use violence in the home was an important step forward. However she said that it was critical for concurrent investment in the development of a state-wide coordinated crisis response to adolescent family violence.

The investment outlined in yesterday’s budget announcement also includes:

  • Additional funding to expand the network of specialist family violence courts and to increase early access to legal advice for victim-survivors will help promote safer legal outcomes for survivors.
  • Ongoing funding ($97 million over four years) for the implementation of the multi-agency risk assessment and management framework (MARAM) and information sharing schemes to support workforces to develop more comprehensive policies and practices for responding to family violence.
  • Increased investment in perpetrator accountability ($18.1 million).
  • $1.2 million investment (over two years) in the Family Violence Graduate Program that will support 80 new graduates to receive training and on-the-job support while working to become specialists in family violence services.
  • Investment of $2.4 million over two years to develop tools and resources for addressing drivers of sexual violence in young people, as well as resourcing for youth-focused programs that promote healthy relationships and greater community understanding.
  • Investment to support the establishment of a new gender responsive budgeting unit. Deliberately applying a gender lens to assess the overall gendered reach and impact of the Victorian State Budget is essential to advancing gender equality and ending family violence in our community.

“We look forward to receiving further details about how this money will be spread across the many areas of work required for a safe and coordinated response to survivors of family violence and concerted effort to prevent this violence before it occurs,” Paula said.


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