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Stylish fashion now at Emerge’s office

September 5, 2022

Finding new or recycled clothing at an affordable price is hard enough at the best of times but thanks to the generosity of several donors, Emerge has set up a clothing pop-up shop which is making the world of difference to the lives of women the organisation supports.

The shop was established following the closure of a fashion shop in Sorrento when the owner offered mannequins and clothing rails to Emerge.

Serendipity struck with Threads Together, an organisation which collects end-of-line brand new clothing from fashion retailers around the country, contacting Emerge to see whether it would like to become a charity partner.

Jess, Service Quality and Compliance Manager, said: “The stars aligned and we now are able to offer women we support in refuge, crisis and outreach the most amazing array of fashion and accessories. Everything is free.”

Since opening, the pop-up store is regularly visited by women who love being able to treat themselves to something that still have a tag on and is new.

Emerge tops up clothing and shoes regularly, often from Good360 through a donation from Big W.


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