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Spotlight on Di

November 6, 2019

Di is one of the volunteers working within the Family Support Volunteer Program. With a wealth of expertise and a background in social work and counselling, she is delighted to put her knowledge and experience to good stead. Di also volunteers at another women’s crisis centre and is a telephone support worker for women needing information, support and referrals.


“I am a strong advocate for women who have experienced family violence, who do not have support systems such as family or friends,” she said.


For her, the values and support that Emerge offers women and children, such as safe housing or accompanying a woman to court, is crucial.


“Initiating this program says much about Emerge living its mission. It is filling a gap for many women and children who need support to feel safe, valued, and to regain their self-worth and confidence,” she said.


During her spare time Di enjoys looking after her grandchild, playing the piano, writing and being outdoors.

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