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Sensory garden for the new refuge

August 8, 2019

Planning is underway to create a sensory garden at the new 24/7 refuge which is due to open in late 2019.

The sensory garden is likely to become the outside hub for mothers and youngsters staying at the refuge, according to Executive Officer Paula Westhead.

“Inside, we expected everyone to flock to the communal kitchen to seek comfort from endless cups of tea, delicious home-cooked meals, and a safe place to talk or be quiet,” she said.

The sensory garden will provide herbs, edible flowers and somewhere outside for the women to enjoy, play with their children, collect herbs for cooking, or simply a place to read and contemplate.

Recent research has shown the benefits of children playing in natural environments, including reduced stress and the chance to be a child.

“So many of the children coming into Emerge have not had a safe place to play for many years, so we are hoping that the sensory garden will be therapeutic in all senses,” Paula said.

Supporters wishing to contribute to the sensory garden in any way should contact the office on

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