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Reaching out to women and children

August 6, 2018

Since April 2017, Emerge has supported 91 outreach clients, 61 of whom were children under the age of 18, while the remaining 30 women were in their 30s.

Data collected through the year, ending March 2018 shows:

  • Of the 91 outreach clients,76 engaged in some form of art therapy program through Emerge.  62 of these outreach clients were children under the age of 18.
  • The average length of support period was 2-14 weeks (31%), followed by 14 to 26 weeks (18%).
  • It was seen that the main presenting reason for seeking assistance was Domestic and Family Violence at 89%.  Sexual Abuse accounted for 5% and Relationship Breakdown at 1.7%.
  • As of March 2018, there were 30 ongoing families in the outreach service.
  • One week before presenting to the service 89% of clients were reported to be living with one parent plus children, and 5.8% were a couple with children.  67% reported living in a house/townhouse/flat and 29% were in emergency accommodation. 15% of adult clients were nominated on a rental agreement and 3.9% had a mortgage. 
  • One month before presenting to the service, 28% of clients were in short-term or emergency accommodation and 65% of clients were not homeless.
  • Of clients in emergency accommodation, 18% reported that their last permanent address was more than 1 month to 6 months ago.     
  • Persons employed were most likely to be working part-time however the main source of income over all was seen to be parenting payments.

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