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Providing housing to break the cycle of violence

August 8, 2019

The last year has seen Emerge supporting a total of 309 women and children including 83 being housed in crisis accommodation and transitional homes, with many experiencing homelessness before coming to Emerge. Five women and children were sleeping rough as they believed this to be a safer option to returning home.

Jessica Woller, Manager, Integrated Family Services, said: “A statistic that Emerge is proud of is that, due to the breadth of the support we can offer, in the last year none of our women ended up homeless or returned to the perpetrator.  The national average of women returning home to violence is up to 7 times before finally leaving.

“By providing women and children a safe and secure place to live and supporting them with outreach services, including linking them into local supports, they have the chance to start again,” Jessica said.

“A trend that we are seeing this year is younger mothers seeking our help. Last year the most common age range for women was between 30-34 years (18%) compared with 22.5% aged between 26 and 35 this year,” she said.

Data collected through the year shows that:

  • 100% of women and children were experiencing homelessness prior to being supported through Emerge’s housing options.
  • 36 clients were in short term emergency accommodation before coming to Emerge.
  • 51 of the clients accommodated by Emerge were children under the age of 18, with ten being infants (0-2years).
  • Family violence (all presenting) housing crisis and housing affordability, stress and relationship/family breakdown continue to be the highest reasons for seeking refuge, and six said they were unable to return home.

Family violence is the number one cause of homelessness in Victoria.  To support Emerge and our services please go to our website

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