Pitching in to keep women and children out of homelessness

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Pitching in to keep women and children out of homelessness

March 4, 2019

Emerge is one of three organisations that have invited by The Funding Network to pitch an idea aimed at keeping people out of homelessness.

Executive Officer Paula Westhead will spearhead the pitch for $40,000 to provide funding for a Rent in Advance trial. If successful the money would be used to fund one month’s rent for women and their children, who otherwise would be sleeping in cars, couch surfing or staying with their perpetrators.

“Many women we support are unable to access money immediately for private accommodation and have no rental history,” Paula Westhead said.

She said Emerge wanted to trial a new approach to supporting women, who are already engaged with the organisation through our refuge and outreach services, by providing specific help to find suitable rental housing, and financial and budgeting assistance.

Ms Westhead said that Emerge would be accountable for and pay one month’s rent in advance with The Funding Network monies. The more funds Emerge can raise at the live pitch, the more women we can help.

“If we won, we would be changing the world for our women: we would be able to help them gain confidence and give assurance to their landlords,” she said.

She said the Rent in Advance trial would form part of Emerge’s Social Return on Investment to show state and federal governments the positive impact that a small investment can make on the client and government.

“Depending on the results, we will apply to the Federal Government under the shared value funding options for continued investment,” Paula Westhead said.

The fundraising event will take place on Wednesday 20 March 2019 at PwC.

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