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Maxine’s real estate knowledge a boon for Emerge

September 5, 2022

When Maxine saw an advertisement for volunteers to support Emerge, she jumped at the chance. She had never volunteered before but there was something about the work that the organisation did which inspired her.

“Supporting families to find their way into how they see their future sits very close to my heart as everyone deserves to find their safe space,” Maxine said.

And being a practical person, the opportunity to use the knowledge she had from working in real estate and on rental properties to assist women and children find new homes was too good to turn down.

Maxine joined real estate as a receptionist and admin support while studying to become an agent’s representative. She moved onto work in the rental department looking after rental inspections, condition reports, tenants’ applications, and maintenance. She progressed into sales support for the director and sales teams.

Since becoming part of the volunteers’ program in March this year, Maxine has helped a family move into a private rental property by supporting them through rental inspections, condition reports and liaising with real estate agents.

“Supporting the women to build confidence to approach the real estate agent themselves and to ask any questions or speak to them is important as this builds a relationship and rapport with the estate agents,”

For her, the mindset of some of the real estate agents she has met has been saddening to experience.

“Renting is a real challenge for anyone but imagine you are a single mum from a different culture and with children in tow? Cutting through the bias that a single mother cannot afford to pay the rent is something that needs to be addressed in the real estate industry,” Maxine said.

Her own experience has highlighted that single mothers are among the most reliable tenants because providing a safe space and roof over their families’ head is their priority.

“We need to change this old-fashioned thought process and give opportunities to those who have the responsibility of providing for their families,” she said.

When she is not volunteering, she is a client coordinator for an engineering education company. She is about to start bee keeping and harvesting honey.

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