Marcopolo Property Stands Up Against Family Violence

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Marcopolo Property Stands Up Against Family Violence

June 15, 2018

Marcopolo Property, Melbourne’s leading Bayside property development company, has decided that it wants to make a stand against family violence
 by announcing a major sponsorship agreement with Emerge, a crisis support and refuge charity for women and children.

Marcopolo Property has donated an initial $9,000 to Emerge as part of its commitment to donate a percentage of each new townhouse built. It also plans to help lift the profile of the importance of respect for women and children in the male dominated property and construction industry.

Marcopolo Property’s founder and Managing Director Obaid Naqebullah, along with his wife Samira Zemaryalai, have decided to drive this sponsorship for personal and community reasons.

“When companies support the local community, they should aim to make a difference, especially if it’s supporting an already well-run organisation that needs to keep under the radar to support vulnerable women and children. We know Emerge is doing an important role everyday helping those affected by family violence and we are proud to support the charity and its many volunteers,’’ Mr Naqebullah said.

“The property and construction sector can be a male focused environment, simply because of the ratio of men to women working in the industry. Marcopolo Property hope that through its sponsorship of Emerge it can raise the profile of the importance of taking a stand against family violence both within the property sector, but
also the broader community,’’ he said.

Samira has worked as a volunteer at Emerge for more than a
year and seen first-hand the tremendous support it provides to women and children who are experiencing very difficult personal circumstances.

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