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Let the children play!

November 6, 2019

The Emerge 24/7 refuge is close to opening, and one of the final touches is the creation of a play space for children of all ages, from young tots to teenagers.

The playground will be a central hub for the families staying in the refuge, as well as families who come to Emerge for arts therapy and outreach services.

Emerge is looking for donations to purchase a sandpit and toys, a basketball hoop, as well as benches where mums can sit and chat while watching their children, and teenagers can take a break from study outside.

“Play is so important for all children, and particularly those who have witnessed or experienced family violence,” Jessica Woller, Manager of Integrated Family Services, said.

“Creating a safe place to play, together with our sensory garden, will make the world of difference to children of all ages and their mothers,” she added.

Supporters wishing to contribute to playground in any way should contact the office on

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