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Law student volunteers to work with Emerge

May 8, 2019

Jennifer Wu has seen the devastating effects family violence can have on families. She has seen the effect first hand on families she has known growing up.

This experience has galvanised her into volunteering with Emerge as well as study law and commerce. She also works part-time with Telstra.

“I hope to focus on family law so that in the future I will be able to do what I can to offer support women and children need,” Jennifer said.

“Volunteering at Emerge and hearing about how they help families is motivating me to do as much as I can,” she said.

Jennifer began volunteering in July 2018. She has become more involved since Christmas when she began preparing Christmas gift bags for the mums and their children. Since then she has been helping around the office and taking part in the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court’s child-minding service.

For Jennifer, the time she has spent with Emerge has been eye-opening. She had not realised the extent of the work that Emerge does for families until she started volunteering.

“Emerge helps to connect families to the help they need and offer them support in order to help them transition into a new life. They offer refuges for the families, not only so they can have a roof over their head but so they can feel safe and well looked after,” she said.

For Jennifer, the importance of Emerge’s work is enabling mothers to start afresh and create an environment where their children can grow and thrive safely.

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