Help us help Marcie and her two children move into their new home

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Help us help Marcie and her two children move into their new home

June 19, 2021

Marcie has spent six months in our refuge, and she is looking forward to moving out into her own home, to living independently and away from violence.

But she is relying on Emerge to help her move her family’s belongings into her new home, as well as help pick up furniture and other items donated to her.

Sounds simple.

Except we have a problem.

Our current car is no longer fit for purpose. We desperately need a new car, like a Toyota RAV 4, to help transport furniture and belongings for women like Marcie.

Since the end of year tax appeal was launched, just under $4,000 has been received. We are hoping to raise $35,000.

Donate here:

Marcie is not the only person we need to help immediately.

Luke relies on us to deliver food and other essential items to his mother and sisters. Luke and his siblings had to flee their violent dad and, with their mother, now live in one of our crisis homes. They don’t have permanent residency and rely on Emerge for everything – including groceries, school supplies and transport. They daren’t get home delivery in case their father finds out.

Your donations will enable us to support some of the most vulnerable women and children in Melbourne’s south because being able to provide transport will deliver real change.

It will help us move women into safe, permanent and affordable housing

It will help us bring women and children to therapy sessions, to the law courts, doctors and other services which they otherwise would find it hard to reach.

If you donate today, you can claim it as part of your tax return. Any amount you can give will help us reach our goal.

We know this is a lot to ask for, but the difference it will make to families and our staff and volunteers will be huge.

Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment to our work.


Paula Westhead

Executive Officer


Please hurry, June 30 is just around the corner.

Donate here:



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