Help us bring $10,000 of hope to children and their mums

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Help us bring $10,000 of hope to children and their mums

October 9, 2018

Emerge supporters have the chance to donate to making sure every mum and child is offered a day of hope and cheer in the lead up to Christmas. 

The annual festive party is a highlight of the calendar where children and their mums come together to celebrate in a safe and happy environment, enjoy a delicious lunch and take part in an afternoon filled with games and other treats.

“It is a very special day, a day when kids can be kids and mums can put their worries aside,” Jessica Woller, Emerge’s Integrated Family Services Manager said.

This year, Emerge is calling on supporters to help raise $10,000 to put on the party day and to ensure every child is given a gift and mothers are provided with presents to hand out at Christmas.

“Emerge recognises that not all the women and children it supports celebrate Christmas so much effort goes into ensuring the day is respectful of other faiths.” Jessica said.

“This is your chance to deliver a dream to children and their mums who have experienced family violence and are doing it tough”.

“The day is about spreading happiness. We’ve had a lot of children living here who have had exceptionally miserable times at home, where they have been so stressed because of the violence and abuse. For a lot of children, who are living in refuge at this time of the year, this can be one of the happiest days they’ve had in a long time.” Jessica said.

“As soon as they come to the refuge, we help them to start being a child again. They will have been exposed to so much, and the minute they reach our refuge we are supporting their mum and they don’t need to do that anymore, they don’t need to hear about what’s going on,” she added.

To help spread some festive cheer, please go to our website:

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Emerge – Beth Wallis

T: 03 8657 8622

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