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From the Executive Officer

October 9, 2018

In just over six weeks, Victorians will be once again voting in the state election.

Here at Emerge, we are calling on all parties to commit to funding the many recommendations that emerged from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, to have policies that enable everyone to have a secure, affordable and safe home, and to fund those policies effectively; to fund homelessness prevention services like Emerge, and to expand free legal services to support women fleeing violence.

Victoria leads the world in its reforms in family violence prevention. While there has been, so far, a bipartisan approach to the Commission’s recommendations, we need to keep the pressure up to ensure that whichever government is elected that it funds the Royal Commission’s recommendations to deliver effective and lasting change for Victoria’s women, children and families.

What we are specifically looking for is funding for research to find new ways to tackle family violence and to change the attitudes and behaviours that allow violence to happen.

We are also calling on all parties to commit to building at least 3,000 social housing units every year. We also need to increase housing growth by requiring developers to include social housing in all new apartments.  

Every year in Australia an estimated 500,000 people go without the legal help they need. We are also calling for expanded free legal programs to ensure women get a fair hearing and protect them from violence and for more investment into community legal centres.

Our services are all inter-linked providing vital services to the women and children we look after in our refuge, crisis and outreach program. This holistic approach is reaping results in supporting women and children in their journey to independence.

As you will read in this newsletter, we are doing our bit to ensure the women and children we support are housed safely; that we are working in conjunction with the Victoria Police and the Magistrates Service at Moorabbin to enable women sort their legal issues and have their children looked after; and have a range of new initiatives underway which support children who have experienced family violence.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our work.

Happy reading!


Paula Westhead

Executive Officer

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