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From the Executive Officer – August 2018

August 6, 2018

There is no running away from the fact that family violence is the single biggest cause of homelessness in Victoria.

More than one third of women accessing homelessness services do so because they’re fleeing family violence. Poverty and financial hardship are issues for 32% of women escaping family violence.

Each year in August, Emerge supports Homelessness Week as it shines a light on the issue of homelessness. We know how complex the relationship between family violence and homelessness is through our daily work.

This year’s theme is Ending homelessness together.

Every woman coming to Emerge do so because they are under threat and lack the financial resources to secure housing. Familiar stories are a controlling partner withholding his partner’s access to finances, not allowing her to work outside the home so she cannot secure an income. Most women coming to Emerge have not had a housing history making it harder to rent. Some have been sleeping in motels, others ‘couch surfing’ with family and friends.

Many women who experience family violence have a house but they cannot stay there safely because the perpetrator lives there too.

As our Chair Dr Karen Morley says in this newsletter: “Out of sight can mean out of mind. Most people still don’t realise that family violence is the single biggest cause of women’s homelessness.”

Our challenge is to highlight the link to our existing and future supporters, as well as influential people in the community including politicians, councillors, philanthropists, and the business world.

By showcasing our various programs, we clearly demonstrate the link. Our financial counselling service is set up to help women clear their debts; our crisis and transition housing enables women and their children to have a safe home where they can live, gain confidence before starting a new life; and our outreach service provides women and children with a range of crucial services not least of which is the opportunity to connect with other women and children in similar situations. You can learn more about our programs by visiting our new website:

I can truly say that your support is helping us to end homelessness together.

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