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Spread some festive cheer

October 30, 2020

Could you bring hope and laughter back into families’ lives this festive season? I need your help to lighten everyone’s lives and put the dark days of the pandemic and family violence behind them.


Alma and her two children, Zara and Jakob, have been living in refuge since it opened in May. When they arrived, Jakob was jumpy and scared of shadows, and Zara was shy and clingy. Over the past months, they have settled down and have been enjoying the quietness, the gardens, and the chance to play with their mum. The change in them is dramatic.

They will soon leave the refuge because they have found a new home. They are excited and apprehensive. For Jakob, all he wants to know is whether they will be able to celebrate as they would usually at the end of the year..

He also wants to know that the family who moves into their home will be able to enjoy Christmas or whatever seasonal celebrations they may share? too.

This is why I’m writing to you.

 Will you help me and other Emerge supporters enable women and children have hope and a laughter in their lives at this festive time time?

We want to provide every mum with practical donations of vouchers and every child with new toys so that mums can choose what they want to buy on the special day.

Can you help? Here are some of the items your voucher could be for:

  • $20 towards SIM cards
  • $50 OfficeWorks for back to school supplies
  • $75 vouchers for teenagers who are often hard to buy for
  • $100 Toy and book pack
  • $200 towards school uniforms and books
  • $150 Coles, ALDI or Woolworth vouchers for food
  • $500 KMART for home starter sets
  • $3,500 donation towards our Fresh Start packages


Early donations mean that mums can shop ahead of the busy festive season or online so they are prepared well before Christmas Day.

I know that vouchers don’t sound exciting but they are practical and easy to give to the families. We know that many mums want to make sure that all family members are catered for and not just young children. They also want to buy culturally appropriate food, and special edible surprises.

Warmest wishes,


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