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Providing homes for women and children

December 7, 2020

Known as the ‘shadow pandemic’, the incidence of family violence has increased over the past year, noticeably during May and June 2020.

Consequently, demand for our crisis and transitional housing has grown steadily. The refuge has only recently opened so these figures focus predominantly on crisis. A noticeable trend, however, has been fewer families from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds seeking out our refuge service.

Over the past year, Emerge supported 30 women and 57 children in refuge and crisis accommodation, and 23% of the children in refuge were aged between 0 to two years. Each of these families had experienced family violence and were homeless before coming to Emerge, and all said they were unable to return home.

Emerge supported 24 women and 24 children into transitional housing at the end of their stay in refuge and crisis accommodation, and 23% were supported into private housing.

Over the past year seven mothers and 16 children were helped through Emerge’s Fresh Start Fund with their rental property expenses, including paying a month’s rent in advance, cleaning and taxis to transport families into their new homes. We would like to thank The Funding Network and their donors for enabling this fund to be available.

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