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Outreach program grows

November 26, 2021

Emerge’s outreach program has grown over the past year, engaging with more families and children.

The call on its services has seen the organisation putting on an extra children’s case manager as well as employing a psychologist within the service.

The service includes counselling, arts therapy, court and family support.

Julia, Emerge’s Therapeutic Team Leader, said the outreach program had reached 66 new families including 89 children over the past year, highlighting the growing demand for its services and support.

“Case workers and the arts therapy team provided counselling to 155 clients,” she said.

Most women and children sought assistance for Emerge’s services because of family violence (53 8%), family breakdown (4 9%) and mental health issues (3 1%).

The support has included safety planning, dedicated case management, financial counselling and therapeutic support to women and children in crisis accommodation and in the community.

“We also saw more children, from infants to teenagers, over the past year, each requiring personalised support, their own safety plan and arts therapy sessions,” Julia said.

Among the arts therapy sessions are programs such as Safe Nest, Make Your Mark, and Little Sparkz.

It is not just about delivering vital services, however. Emerge has been advocating through government submissions and philanthropic conversations for children to become more visible in family violence policy.

“Recent crime statistics reveal that one in 50 children witnessed a family violence incident that was attended by police but they are rarely included in policy,” Paula, Executive Officer, said.

“This urgently needs remedying.”



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