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More homes urgently needed for families

August 6, 2021

Emerge is urging its supporters to let the Australian Government know the urgent need for many more homes for women and children who are in violent relationships.

The campaign is run by #Everybodyshome campaign, and is using the lead up to the Women’s Economic Safety Summit in late September to call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to invest urgently in social housing to provide a safety net for women fleeing domestic violence.

“We know from our everyday work that many women do not expect there would be worse to come after fleeing violence,” Executive Officer Paula Westhead said.

“There is immense pressure on women’s refuges and a lack of social housing across Australia. What it means is that many women and children spend months moving between motels, couch surfing with family and friends, or living in cars.”

The past year has been especially traumatic with violence increasing in homes due to lockdown.  Rents across Australia have skyrocketed, putting a home out of reach for women on low or modest incomes.

“Women cannot rebuild their lives and protect their children without access to safe and secure housing,” Paula said.

Please sign the petition calling on the Federal Government to take action now. Click here.


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