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Julia masters the art of therapy

October 30, 2020

There is no typical day for Julia, who has recently joined Emerge as a therapeutic team leader.

Every day is different, bringing its own set of activities, challenges and inspiration.

‘It’s very mixed, which is awesome – it keeps things interesting!’ Julia said.

Her role at Emerge is to lead a team of five part-time arts therapists/counsellors who work with women and children in refuge and outreach. She is also an arts therapist herself, with a Masters in Art Therapy from the University of West Sydney.

‘Starting a new role during lockdown has been strange. With restrictions easing, I look forward to spending more time with colleagues and for us to do more of what we really love which is working directly with families.’ Julia said

Julia was drawn to Emerge because of its diverse therapeutic program and its approach to trauma therapy through arts.

“Using creativity and the arts to work with trauma has so many benefits, and the families we work with love it” Julia said. ‘We have a wonderful program here which does everything from working one-on-one with women and children to working in schools and group work’.

Before joining Emerge, she was working with the Domestic Violence Resource Centre. There, she developed and delivered training for other professionals about supporting children and young people who have experienced family violence. Before this she had worked as a children and youth counsellor for several years.

Julia is delighted to be working at Emerge, where she can work alongside and support a passionate and committed team of therapists.

“Emerge is a leader in this field, and I am looking forward to learning a great deal, as well as sharing my knowledge and experience,” Julia said.

As a team leader, she also responds to new enquiries and referrals, allocates case work to the different therapists, provides debriefing and, in time, anticipates having her own small case load. She will also co-facilitate groups, which she is looking forward to.

“It will be challenging and fun,” she concedes.

Outside work, Julia loves dancing, bush walking and camping.

‘I love getting out into nature, sitting around a campfire with friends or going on a long hike. I can then come back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the next challenge’ she said.


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