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Getting ready for a new school term with your help

June 19, 2021

When school resumes in July, Michael* is keeping his fingers crossed that he will be wearing a winter uniform.

His current uniform is too small for him and, more importantly, he doesn’t have a jumper to keep him warm as he goes to and from school from the Emerge refuge.

“So many of the families we see in refuge or who are in outreach program and crisis care struggle with daily living let alone having enough money to buy school uniform,” Jess, Emerge’s Manager of Integrated Services, said.

“The reality is that if they don’t wear a school uniform or come in the wrong one, they may find themselves being teased by their peers. It is that sense of shame which burdens an already traumatised child.”

Emerge is already appealing for a Toyota RAV 4 to help its workers move women and children into new homes but is also looking for help to support children like Michael.

The wish list currently includes:

  • $700 to provide an iPad for a family; there are many families requiring iPads
  • $200 for a school uniform for one child; there are many children needing this support.
  • $100 or $200 vouchers from Coles or Woolworths to buy pantry items for homes
  • $100 or $200 Westfield vouchers for mothers to buy items they need include toys for eight-to-12-year-olds such as lego and science kits.

“So many families come to us with only the clothes on their back and a suitcase filled with whatever they could grab on their way out of their home,” Jess said.

“While they are in refuge or in a crisis home, we support them with a range of advice and links to legal, medical and financial workers,” she added.

Before a woman and her family leave the safety of Emerge’s housing, the team puts together a package including pantry items, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom packages, and other essential items.

“Starting over is daunting at the best of times but when you have gone through family violence and have nothing, it is important that we can provide all the support that we can,” Jess said.

All donations to Emerge over $2 are tax deductible.

Donations can be made through our website – clearly marking what the donation is for –

Alternatively, vouchers and toys can be delivered to our offices. Please ring 8657 8622

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