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Funding to address vaccine hesitancy

March 2, 2022

Emerge has secured funding from the Victorian Government to discuss vaccine hesitancy with women and girls it supports through its various services.

According to Jess, Manager Integrated Family Services, 85% of women who we see are CALD women with complex trauma issues including family violence and it takes them time to build trust, but once they do they will often change their attitudes and behaviours, including vaccination hesitancy.

“All women who come in contact with Emerge will be asked about vaccination status,

those that are not vaccinated will be followed up for a one to one discussion and/or a group discussion to talk about vaccine hesitancy,” Jess said.

“We will discuss all options including support for travel to vaccination hubs or the

offer of local vaccinations with a nurse already working with Emerge clients,” Jess said.

Emerge has found that women and girls who have experienced family violence often feel threatened in busy places like vaccine hubs, and are often wary of new general practitioners.

The organisation’s extensive networks include several local government areas, as well as not for profit organisations working in homelessness and family violence.



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