Emerge marks up significant achievements through 2018

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Emerge marks up significant achievements through 2018

December 11, 2018

The past year has been significant for Emerge on many fronts from its internationally renowned multi-layered arts therapy program through to its expanding research program, and the establishment of a volunteers’ program.

The achievements, showcased in the organisation’s 2018 Impact Review, highlight how Emerge continues to embrace new ideas and consolidate its existing programs to meet the increasing demand for its services.

Over the past year, 251 clients (153 women and 98 children) were supported by Emerge, and of these 177 women and children received multiple services from the organisation.
“Delving deeper into the data paints a revealing picture of how essential our programs are to women and children,” Executive Officer Paula Westhead said.

“All clients used our housing and transport service; 77 per cent of women accessed our legal and court service; 50 per cent accessed financial counselling; and 25 per cent used our interpreters,” she said.

The children’s program was in high demand throughout the year with 41 per cent accessing the Mother Child Health Network through Emerge; 28 per cent being immunised through its medical network; 37 per cent accessing childcare and 58 per cent being assisted into school.

Emerge’s arts therapy program continued to gain strong international attention and is a leader in the field of arts therapy in relation to family violence. This is evidenced through the strong attendance of the different programs: 34 per cent of all children took part in Little Sparkz; 37 per cent in Peek-a-Boo and 31 per cent in individual art therapy.

“While we are proud of the impact we make, it is disheartening that the reason why Emerge exists is because of endemic family violence,” Ms Westhead said.

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