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Emerge contributes to housing research

September 5, 2022

Emerge is one of a number of housing providers which have contributed to major research into housing for women over 45 at risk of homelessness in Melbourne.

The research was undertaken by Monash University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, and the

Monash University XYX Lab, in association with Schored Projects and funded through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

The findings in Unequivocal Women’s Housing focuses on how architectural design can more effectively accommodate and address older women’s housing needs

Jess, Service Quality and Compliance Manager, said: one of the central findings was the importance of placing women at the centre of the design process by involving them in conversations about housing types and spatial arrangements.

“This finding is central to Emerge’s philosophy and it is pleasing that it has been taken up in a major report,” she said.

The research set out to develop a more precise understanding of what older women need in terms of housing, including cultural, social, economic, and environmental contexts, by asking older women about their lived experience in housing types and develop this study as a post-occupancy evaluation.

Other recommendations included a feedback loop with housing providers during the design and allocation stages, the need for diverse, affordable housing types, and more sustainable housing types to help increase thermal comfort and reduce the need for heating and cooling, acoustic privacy is vital and is too often neglected in housing for older women, and landscaping is vital to creating a sense of home.

The housing types included tiny houses, townhouses, apartments, rooming houses, women-led family housing and crisis accommodation.


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