Crisis homes renovated and ready for women and children

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Crisis homes renovated and ready for women and children

September 5, 2022

The finishing touches have been made to Emerge’s five crisis properties and are now ready to welcome women and children.

The renovations, funded through Homes Victoria, included work to kitchens and bathrooms, painting throughout the houses, repairs to water damage and plumbing, and replacement of floors.

Building work was carried out by FACE Construction with Peter Wright, from Wright Architects supporting the completion of the works.

The homes have also received star treatment internally thanks to the generosity of ReLove. The organisation got in touch with Emerge early in the year to see what support it needed for women who were re-establishing themselves in new homes.

Working in partnership with BUILT construction and Koala, ReLove has provided our renovated crisis properties with beds, mattresses, dining tables and chairs, bedding and kitchen sets.

Megan, Operations Team, said the partnership with ReLove and BUILT has also involved support for two families leaving crisis accommodation by providing them with furniture for their new homes in community housing and private rental accommodation.

“There are already plans afoot to support other women and their children as they move on from Emerge,” Megan said.

In the meantime, Emerge is preparing to welcome new families into the renovated properties.

“We have been fortunate to be able to find homes through our links with real estate agents and housing organisations for all the families who had been living in crisis,” Megan said.



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