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Bags of Love

May 8, 2019

Mother’s Day is a time for children to thank and take time out with their mums wherever they are, and the youngsters supported by Emerge are no different.

This year, thanks to the generosity of Impact volunteers, 60 Bags of Love have been delivered to Emerge to give to the children to hand to their mums on Mother’s Day.

The bags are filled with cook books, chocolates, aromatherapy oils, beauty bags and coffee mugs, everything that mums love.

Paula Westhead, Executive Officer, said: “The generosity not just of the volunteers who packed the bags but also the donations from local small businesses is extraordinary.

“We know how thrilled the mums will be to receive their own bag of love, and how excited the children will be to give their own bag to their mum. The Impact of Bags of Love will be enormous,” Paula said. 

Emerge would like to thank Kathy Kaplan and everyone at Impact for the wonderful Bags of Love and the joy that these will bring to our mums on Mother’s Day.

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