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Achieving an equal future

March 4, 2021

Today is International Women’s DayIt’s always been a big day for us at Emerge, but after last year’s turmoil of 2020, it is an especially important one giving us the chance to stand together in our work for equal rights.

IWD is crucial to us and our work because evidence tells us that gender equality is essential in preventing violence against women and children as gender inequality is the most consistent factor associated with violence against women. Gender equality exists when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

This year’s theme explores the topic Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’. COVID-19 has impacted women and girls in profound ways, amplifying the inequalities they face every day.

At Emerge, our work to create a gender equal world is not solely focused on one day, week, month, it is vital each day. In our refuge, we support women and children who have experienced family violence, and we also work with the community to prevent violence against women and children.

This work has a feminist approach: family violence is predominately committed by men against women and children, and stems from beliefs and behaviour that support the use of power and control over others. Our approach is informed by the gendered drivers of violence against women.

Our work is also evidence based and collaborative: every aspect of our programs and services is evidence based and in line with Victorian and Federal government frameworks and reform. We work in close collaboration with our partners to strengthen and widen our impact.

Our work is intersectional:  we know that we cannot work to prevent violence against women without understanding that gender inequality cannot be separated from other forms of inequality.

Each day at Emerge, we celebrate all women, in all their diversities. We embrace their facets and intersections of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, or disability.

We also celebrate the courage that the women who come to our refuge or who are living in our crisis housing or who are part of our outreach program have shown in their actions to escape family violence.

We also celebrate our volunteers who steadfastly work alongside our staff to support and encourage the women survivors, and their children, on each of their journeys to freedom.

This International Women’s Day may I encourage everyone to wear clothes coloured Green, White or Violet (purple) in recognition of the suffragettes and their commitment to Giving Women the Vote.

Today these colours are emblematic of this important day for all women everywhere, and a great way to recognise the contribution of women to our community.



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