Emerge runs a comprehensive children’s program through its refuge, crisis and outreach services. The program is funded wholly by the community and through philanthropic grants.

In Australia, one child in four witnesses family violence and is impacted by the fear, anxiety and trauma of violence and by the aggression of the perpetrator.

Emerge is one of two family violence refuges in Victoria that works with infant mental health. Our children’s programs are seen as a benchmark for family violence services in Victoria.

At Emerge we ensure the needs of the child are equal to the needs of the mother and recognise that by addressing the needs of the child when they enter refuge with their mother they can begin the healing process.

Our dedicated children’s case managers work closely with children who have experienced family violence to help ensure they are safe and have access to the local services, such as local schools, to address the health, medical and schooling needs of children.

Emerge run infant & child arts therapy programs and the children’s case manager works hand in hand with our art therapists to address the emotional well-being of the children through a mix of arts, play and therapeutic counselling.

Among our programs focused on child well-being is TRAK Forward. Developed by Emerge, Anglicare and Stepping Up, TRAK is a long term, therapeutic program that provides women and children the option of support for up to 12 months. All participants have access to a Therapeutic Recovery Worker as well as the option of participation in a group program that is best suited to them.

These group work programs include: Peek-A-Boo Club™ (for infants aged 0-3 and their mothers), ‘Beyond the Violence’ group (for children aged 0-18 and their mothers) and parent and child counselling which is one-one-one or family therapy work (for children aged 4 – 18 and their mothers).

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